Cabal Creepshow features art by: Colleen Weaver, Amy Herman, Adrienne DeLoe, Justin Foster, Jon Reyes, Elisa Groglio, Chelsea Smith, Phil R Harris, Ben Walling, Paul Schiola, Leslie Minnis, Amee Valentine, Charles Russell, Cal Duran, Kelly Pierce, Cee Martinez, Bill Nelson, Thea J Hunt, Anna Pieruccini, Cam Thomas, Kyle Kelley, Andrew Fredrickson, Joshua Coates, Julia Madsen, Dylan Lee Lowry, Will Tuttle, Corrina Espinosa, Mar Williams, Joshua Finley, Tameca L Coleman, Bonnie Finley.

*curated by Corrina Crazie Espinosa

It lives! Cabal’s re-animated corpse returns for Creepshow 2018. The show opens on Saturday, October 20th with work from thirty artists, multimedia, food, drinks, music by Yao Guai 妖怪, zombie VR and a haunted house! The show is up for a short time and ends Saturday, November 3rd. Below follows a sampling of artists you’ll experience at the Creepshow.
Bill Nelson is an assemblage artist whose work has been described by some as “a twisted Antiques Roadshow.” By nature, Nelson’s assemblages are detailed amalgamations of “archaeological absurdities.” Nelson says, “I tinker with found material, old, weird, and narrative, never underestimating the value of beauty, even in its darker forms.” Nelson constantly keeps his audiences in mind with the goal of evoking a visceral response through each of his pieces. Sometimes what’s evoked hits on either side of repulsion, as in his piece for Cabal Creepshow 2018, “Melancholy is the Greatest Manifestation of Beauty.” Nelson writes: “Indifference I fear the most. I try to tell a compelling story in everything I make, and all the better if it debunks conventional wisdoms.”

Charles Russell grew up in a world full of art and culture. However, that world also came with a message that one could “look but not touch.” That is why Russell’s “Electronika” is interactive by design. “I set out to build a new experience in art, an experience that invites people of all ages to use all of their senses.” Russell’s circuit bent machines are built with new and vintage parts that are meant to be played with. “On my pieces, nothing is for show. Every button, every light works. Nothing is a dummy.” Charles Russell is joining the Cabal Creepshow for the third time.



Adrienne DeLoe‘s love of nature permeates all of her work. She writes on her website: “I consider each piece of artwork a microenvironment, a place where my imagination gives way to fantastical landscapes which present the illusion of having grown on their own.” DeLoe’s work stems from a deep concern for ecological health, and it tends towards the peculiar while bringing her audiences a sense of whimsy. Her work includes botanical jewelry and hybrid sculpture that can include bone, fiber art, and natural elements such as wildflowers, insects and semiprecious stones.
Paul Schiola is a longstanding participant in Denver’s art scene. He was a founding member of the Cutthroat Art Space, and has shown his work in many local galleries. His most recent work entails making small run handcrafted toys which are largely influenced by his interest in classic science fiction and horror films from all over the world. To quote his friend Jean, “Paul makes the toys no one else will.” Schiola’s love of toys and model kits has led him towards creating a special process which allows him to make soft vinyl-like toys without the aid of mass market production. He is currently working towards making these toys regularly.
*Huge thanks to our sponsor Meow Wolf! This event is free and open to the public. You don’t want to miss this one.
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